Winter in the UK & Ireland often brings hazardous road conditions and as a result it is the season during which most traffic accidents occur. In recent years these islands have been subjected to significant snow falls and periods of extreme cold. This made driving more difficult but did you know that simply the cold wet conditions of winter have been enough to see an increase in traffic accidents.

It is important that drivers and their vehicles are properly prepared in Winter and every driver should strongly consider fitting WINTER TYRES which provide higher levels of safety not only in snow and ice but also on cold wet roads.

We would advise that you have a set of winter tyres and a set of summer tyres. We provide a service where we can swap the tyres at the beginning of each season. You, the customer will find that the tyres lasts longer (as each set is only being used for half a year) and you can go for longer periods without buying new tyres because of worn tread. The result is maximum safety for minimal outlay.

Please contact our office to discuss your winter tyre requirements.


  1. Fit cold weather / winter tyres
  2. Carry a survival kit in your car. This should include a blanket, food, warm clothes, torch.
  3. Regularly top up the screen wash.
  4. Ensure the windscreen wipers are in good order and do not smear the screen
  5. Have the battery in the car checked to make sure it is in good working order and the terminals are corrosion free.
  6. Check the tyre pressure on all tyres including the spare one.
  7. Check the tool kit in the car is complete, that the jack works and security lock nuts are there.
  8. Check the coolant level in the car and make sure there is enough anti-freeze present.
  9. Ensure your phone battery is fully charged.
  10. Carry de–icer in the car.